Saturday, August 26, 2006

Closer and Yet Farther Away...

Oh, I am SOOO nuts!

  • Baby Afghan!! Yep, it's actually, totally done!
  • 4 pair Booties - sewn up, ties in place!
  • 3 hats - still need their tassels :(
  • 7 Bibs! - picked up the buttons for them this evening!
  • 5 Burp Clothes - two more in progress...
  • 1 Scarf - Started and Finished today!
I know, I know, where are the pictures??

And here's the scarf...

Ok, so what's this about "yet farther away"?? Yeah, well...dropped by Joann's today to pick up buttons for bibs... and found a few other things... Actually, they were having a GREAT sale on a whole lot of different things - picked up a bunch of cotton yarns on deep discount - 400 yds sport weight cotton for $2.10!! But, I also found a pair of very nice little Counted Cross Stitch patterns - marked $5 and $7, then 30% off that! So, one of those will also need to be completed by the shower...the other is a birth announcement, so it'll have her name, Ava Rose, as well as her birthdate. I'll be able to do everything except the date in advance, then I can take it to them when I go to visit after she's born. Here's the bad photo of the first one...two weeks to get it finished! can get the idea anyhow...

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