Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Finding the Pattern

Finally finding the pattern in the vines of the lace. It's pretty simple really...I'm enjoying that once I know the basic pattern, it's merely a question of 'where do I start it?' I went to a meeting a week ago, and the girls were amazed that I didn't seem to be following my pattern! I was, of course, but it was a pretty simple pattern repeat, and once you placed the first row, the next 5 fell into place behind it. In it's own way, the vine section is even easier!

Am starting to really love the depth of color in the yarn. Was knitting at lunch today and my boss asked me what color it was (it was a darkened restaurant). In explaining the color, then looking at it more closely, the purple is starting to pop out from the turqouise more and more.

I'm happy that I'm enjoying the pattern, since I've volunteered to make another one! Was originally a little puzzled as to what to knit it from, then suddenly remembered a lovely yarn buried deep in the bottom of my stash. It's Welcomme yarn - a 50% Linen / 50% Silk blend. I acquired a very large stash of it in a flea market about 11 years ago! I've actually never knit with it, since it's a lighter gauge than I have typically used in the past...but, along with my new found lace addiction, I suppose I'm learning to enjoy knitting with finer yarns as well... I think this is the perfect color for the GRAPE Arbor Shawl, don't you?


Anonymous said...


The grapes are really popping now! The shawl looks great!

Also, love the blog!


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed with your site, very nice graphics!