Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Sewing up a storm!

About a minute after I posted my last post, I got a PM from a friend reminding, welcoming, inviting Jacob and I back to an activity that i last participated in when i was 3 months pregnant with him.  The SCA.  Society for Creative Anachronism. In a nutshell, this is a participatory group that reenact the best of the middle ages.  Arts & Science (textiles,bookarts,sewing, and brewing...), Chivalry (sword fighting, archery), and Voluntearism...sorry, that a kinda snuck in there...its a Disney thing!

She made a lot of sense.  I can get back to focusing on many of the reenactment activities that I enjoy, and Jacob can have some strong male role models, friends, and activities.  It's a win for both of us!  I immediately signed up for the next event, coming up this weekend.  But, one of the things about the SCA is that everyone dresses in medieval clothes (garb).  I have mine from 10 years ago...which fit me better now than they did then!  Jacob is another story though.  Last week, on our way home from our first fighter practice, we stopped at Joann's and picked out some linen look Linen/Rayon fabric.

This weekend, I spent Sunday cutting and sewing.  There are pants to go with this, but they were not started when this was taken.  They're done now, he just needs to try them on.

Jacob was being very silly, but clearly enjoying his new garb.

Then, he surprised me.  He asked if he could sew something!  So, I grabbed some scraps from cutting out his pants, and over that evening and the next, we sewed this bag together!  He did all of the sewing machine parts.  Presser foot, thread minding, lowering and clearing the needle with the fly wheel.  All I did was feed the fabric while he ran the machine....and handle the iron.  He decided on the decorations for the bag.  Last night he chose to sew rather than playing on the XBOX!  And now he wants to make something else!  I'll be looking for kid fun sewing ideas so I can offer some suggestions and skill builders to help him progress.

While we're making garb and learning to swordfight, I'm also planning to pitch my first Mead (Honey fermented to alcohol!)  And we're 4 days away from his first weekend event!

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