Sunday, July 08, 2007

Finishing things...

I'm sorry for the lack of posts the past few weeks, but really, I've been KNITTING!!

You might recall this list that I posted a couple of months ago:

So, MY summer knitting goals:

  • Finish the CTH Contest jacket and get it mailed by 5/29.

  • Knit the Laurel Fibonacci Stripe top for my former boss by 6/24 (it's a gag gift, and I'll have to adapt it a bit for *him*).

  • Finish my Crayon Box Jacket

  • Make the gorgeous Scotch Thistle Stole that Ann gifted me with in SP8.

Some things that have been added to that:

  • Knit messenger bag for my HP downstream

  • Knit bookmarks for my HP downstream

  • Spin sock yarn for my Spinning SP

  • Spin sock yarn for my Sock Swap Pals

  • Knit the Socks

  • Work on a special secret project for a Pal

  • Fill in the gaps with Guidepost Charity Sweaters

You've all seen the CTH Jacket. I have it back. Details for publishing the pattern are still in progress, I'll update you when I have the specifics.

Here's the vest for my former boss - he was completely surprised, and totally loved it!

Here's the Messenger bag before it was felted - it measured 18x22".

After felting it was more like 10x12". Sadly, I forgot to take the after should be able to see it soon on LkManitou's blog however. I also made two HP bookmarks, from #5 perle cotton, one in Ravenclaw, the other in Gryffindor. Again, forgot to take pics, but I expect she'll post those too.

Here's the fiber that I got for my spinning pal, from Funky Carolina on Etsy.

Here's what it spun up to...

While I was waiting to finish spinning Pixieriot's sock yarn, I started on a Guidepost Charity sweater for a charity we are supporting. I did 4 inches in one movie and 4 in another, so it's well under way...

I finally finished Pixie's yarn though, and cast on for her socks today! They're coming along very well, but sorry, no pics unless she asks/authorizes it :) This IS the first time I'm knitting my own handspun sock yarn however! So far I'm LOVING it.

There's LOTS more to say, but I need to break this up or I'll never tackle it, so that's the part that you get for now...more soon. Besides, I REALLY want to get back to those socks...


Batty said...

Love the vest and the messenger bag, even before felting. And that sock yarn, it's gorgeous.

spinndiva said...

OOohhhhh I love the blue yarn!!!!!
And I love the messenger bag!
What pattern was that made from? Or did you wing it?
Nice vest too!

lkmanitou said...

OMG! Yeah, I didn't know that you were Siriusly Addicted. *blush* Love the messenger bag and bookmarks you knitted! The Sirius Black bookmark made me squee!! Thank you so much!!

I'll have pics on my blog within the next day or so. Life's been crazy :)

Stariel said...

Hee hee, I FOUND you! :D