Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Present? I need your Vote!!

Ok, I need your help! I'm torn between several different items for my Christmas present. I have a check, as well as a GC to Barnes and Noble, so I can combine them if I want something large from a bookstore, like this (item 1). I've been wanting to get that for quite a while, so it has definite appeal, AND I don't own any of them yet.

Then, there is THIS gorgeous item (item 2) that a friend found for me when I mentioned that I was looking for the perfect pair to complement my Pioneer costume (with this dress and these socks, in case you've forgotten):

Finally, there are boring, but necessary things like these... (item 3) Ok, so the sale makes them look more appealing, but eeewwwww.... That's not a CHRISTMAS PRESENT!!

So, what should I get for Christmas? Item 1, Item 2, or Item 3? Please leave a comment with your vote!


Lorena said...

Item #2, without a doubt!

rokhopa said...

Well it is a tough choice between 1 and 2. Bra's are a necessity not a present. Being the huge HP fan I would lean towards the books and their handsome case.

However the boots would be a great match with your pioneer outfit so i guess it comes down to which do you think you would get the most out of, books or boots?

I can see I was a tremendous help good luck
The one and only Crazyredhead

dm said...

Item #2 of course. Whoes that are that cool definitely win hands down over the Potter boy.

Anonymous said...

My vote in order of preference:
2, 3, 1. (I'm a HP fan, and I think you should have nicey nice bras anyway!)

Happy Shopping :)


Leslie said...

The boots! And just go braless.... heh heh heh

Batty said...

The boots. I love them, love them, love them.

Kappy111 said...

Of course, you know I would buy the boots... :-) Actually, I am in the market for another pioneer dress too!

Anonymous said...

Definitely the boots!

Lynn said...

I REALLY like the boots and think they would go perfectly with your pioneer outfit. One drawback, you cant see your hand knit socks.

I'm not a HP fan so I would go with something else from B&N.

And the bras are pretty!!! But they don't fit me anymore.

Over all, I'd go with the boots.