Wednesday, February 06, 2008

No more Excuses!!!

GREAT NEWS!! I got replacement yarn in the mail today to finally make my jacket with!! No, no, not from CTH. As it happens, Carla from Chez Casuelle (now Hanks) had some sample balls of the various colors that she had rolled up for people to play with while the contest was going on. When she sold the store, she retained all of those partial, I contacted her, because of course THOSE were the same dye lots that I made the original from...and lo and behold, she still had them!! They are pretty much complete skeins, with only a few grams missing from each, so there will be PLENTY of yarn for me to remake the sweater!! Hooray!!!

So, now I have no more excuses not to finish it... well... except for...

I'm in the middle of my bag for the HSKS4 Swap... It's coming along nicely...the pattern is sort of a hybrid between a few things I found online and my own design! It will be felted two color entrelac! (that's a hint, though it'll be a long time before it is received, so this post should have migrated down a bit and will be harder to find...). I'm still trying to get to a decent yarn store to pick out some sock yarn and needles...and I think a friend is going to help me a bit with my stitch markers.

This weekend K and I will be doing period reenactment knitting at the 18th Annual Quilt Show and Farm Festival. It looks like a fun event...too bad they already have spinners... So I'll be casting on a handspun woolen sock on Rosewood DPN's to work on for that event.

Trying to also get information on the St. Augustine Spin-In, which I've been to the past two years. Last year it was March 30th.

Ok, those might be the big things between me and my jacket... I would love to get it done for the Central Florida Fair, but that means completing it in 2 months. That's exactly how much time it took me the last time, but I was knitting REALLY hard to get it done in that time frame. Maybe it'll go into NEXT year's fair...

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