Saturday, June 09, 2007

Surfing, a Road Trip, and a Package!

Wow! I currently find myself with FOUR downstream Secret Pals!! (and 5 upstreams!) For those who are wondering, that would be the Spring Fling (5th upstream - package arrived today - more in a moment), Harry Potter Swap, the Spinning Swap, and the Sock Swap! Wait you say...if the Spring Fling makes 5, who's the fifth? Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that in the Sock Swap I signed up for TWO partners?

So, for Spring Fling, I correctly guessed that my SP was CPurl17! I got my final package from her today, and this is what it looks like:
Oooohhh...look at the pretty paper and purple ribbons! Actually, I loved this was from the World Wildlife Federation, and on the inside, in light grey watermarks, it had all sorts of great info on endangered species including pandas, tigers, elephants...

Here's the package with all of the contents opened up for the world to see! I'll zoom in and show you the details...
From Blue Moon Fiber, I got Bombyx Silk Roving in LUSCIOUS reds - Ruby Slippers, and STR in Lunasea. Also in here is a great ball of Sockotta in blues and plums! Oh, and my very own copy of Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush.
In other yarny goodness, I got THREE skeins of Classic Elite Premiere - 50/50 Pima Cotton and Tencel!! Oooohhh...this is SOOOO soft...and 324 yards might be enough to get me a stole or something...
There's a GREAT silk bag in actually opens up and sits flat on it's bottom! What a PERFECT bag for sock projects! I got some samples of SOAK - been hearing about it in various places lately, so it'll be nice to try it out for myself. There's also a ball of Cascade Fixation elastic cotton yarn.
And last, but actually first, was the great card - did you make this yourself Chris? It's all scrapbooky and cool!! You know, I think I need to make up a scrapbook of all the amazing cards that I've gotten from fact, that's a pretty cool idea! Hard to see, but there's also a set of 5 Entrelac Stitch Markers (that's Entrelac brand, not "made exclusively for entrelac" least I think that's what it is!) and two sets of...point protectors? They're little black caps, connected together by beaded cords. Ooohhh...I just pulled one out and looked at it...they're stretchy! They're for holding DPN's that are in use! I actually have a project ON DPN's at the moment, I'll have to go try these out!!
Thanks CPurl! This was a great package, and TOTALLY worth the wait!!!
Harry Potter Swap: Working hard on several knitting projects for my pics though, cause she might just be a reader of my blog... I picked up some fun trinkets to go with the knitted stuff too :)
Spinning Swap: Went surfing last night and found some AWESOME roving for my DS pal. Also went to Chez Casuelle this afternoon with K - and found a great deal on some more roving... Need to find some non-roving fun stuff for the person who has everything!
Socks: Being totally unable to make up my own mind, I signed up for the sock swap with one pal, but said "But, if you need an extra person for two? Put me in!!" So I got two GREAT Sock exchange pals, LkManitou (who was my Winter Cheer downstream!) and Pixieriot (who I'm just getting to know). They've both decided that it would be a treat to receive socks from handspun yarn... So, once I finish the knitting for the HP swap, and the vest I'm making for my former boss...long story, but I'll post pics soon, I'll be all set to get down to some serious spinning! I found some lovely fiber in my stash for LkManitou. Didn't really have anything bright enough for Pixie, BUT, my trip to Etsy last night was successful on THAT front as well! Even better, her fiber was actually shipped out today!
Lots to do, but it's all going well...


cpurl17 said...


I'm glad the package made it!!
Not only are the stitch markers made by Entrelac, the point protectors are made by Lunatrixae!

I wish I had made the cards but I got them at a Holiday White Elephant held by my book club. They were made by a teacher friend of one of the members.

Happy Knitting!

Batty said...

What an amazing package!

spinndiva said...