Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hogwarts Happenings

You may have noticed the recent addition of a Hogwarts Button to my blog... That's right, I'm also participating in the HSK4 Swap!

I got an owl the other day with my swappee - another Ravenclaw! Hooray! The timing of the owl was perfect, since I was headed to Miami on Friday on a roadtrip! I've picked up a couple of skeins of yarn so far...as for the socks, I think I might even try dyeing my own! Not certain just yet. Am hoping to learn a bit more about my swappee that might help me decide what kind of sock yarn would be good for her!

I'm also thinking of talking to one of the girls in my new knitting group about beads - she makes some of the worlds most gorgeous handmade glass beads and buttons....

I am a bit sad that I didn't choose to create a character blog for the HSK4, but as hard a time as I'm having just updating THIS blog regularly, I don't think I could really do it justice.


Neila said...

Welcome to HSKS! It's not necessary to have a character blog to enjoy the fun. You can post an introduction in the main blog if you'd like. I know everyone would like to know more about you.

Batty said...

Blogging is supposed to be fun, not a chore. If making a character blog would be a pain in the neck, you'll probably have a better time not doing it. Enjoy the swap!