Sunday, July 16, 2006

How can you tell you drink too much coffee??

You just completed another sweater and you don't know how to knit.

Actually, that reminds me of the scene in the movie Demolition Man where Sly's character shows up in the morning and presents Sandra's character with a freshly knit sweater! Whipped the whole thing out overnight! It seems they reprogrammed him while he was Knit, Sew, etc. what does it say when you churn out project after project and you don't even DRINK coffee?

Obsession. It's the only reasonable excuse!

Nearly done with the hat that I'm working on...only about 6 or 8 rows left! Gotta get off the computer and get working on it! It helped that I spent several hours at a knitting meeting, then had a nice dinner with Maria at TooJay's. After our lovely salads, we knitted and chatted for a while longer. All the more time to get the hat finished!

I also saw a pattern earlier this week for a great bookmark - made in Jaegerspun I had a particular color in mind, but pretty much a polar opposite color from my Zephyr Shawl (Indigo). So, sitting at the meeting tonight and Cindi walks up to show me a huge cone of Zephyr in exactly the color I needed!! She was kind enough to let me wind off a small amount, so now I'll be able to knit the bookmark in the color I want too! Yet another project for the week!


Cindiluhu said...

I'm having a really productive week too. I've finished two WIP's. I'm still trying to finish two more items by the end of month. We shall see.

falco348 said...

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