Tuesday, July 04, 2006

So Much to Say, So Little Time

I know I've been sadly absent the past few weeks from this site... I wish I could say that will improve, but I fear it is destined to remain the same for the next month or so...

I have been knitting whenever possible, and have made progress on the second Grape Arbor Shawl. The main body is complete, I'm knitting on the lace edging. It's coming out beautifully, I can't wait to see the finished project! I'd show a picture, but for now I think I'm going to keep it a surprise. Soon it will appear on the Chip'N for Dale site - be sure to check out the site daily to see all the wonderful items that will be posted and add your donation for a shot in the drawing!

It helped that I went to visit some friends over the weekend in West Palm Beach...they decided it was a good weekend to buy a car...the total 5 hours that we spent in the dealership was enough to remind me that I don't want to buy a new car anytime soon!! The good news was that between the car dealership and a bit of shopping on Saturday, I knit an entire ball of yarn into the shawl! I also got to visit Great Balls of Yarn while I was there. Nice store, good selection. We were most impressed that they are in the process of opening the *4th* store in their franchise! I did find a cute little baby bobble hat pattern that was one of their store patterns, and was able to get a copy of it. It'll come in handy since I now think I'll be knitting baby hats in the near future... No, no, not for me...don't get any ideas!!

I see that the Class and Workshop schedule has been posted for the Finger Lakes Festival... will be looking that over soon to determine which classes I want to attend, and also to figure out if I'll want to have my wheel with me... Trying to get it to NY might be a challenge, but it would be oh so nice to have it with me.

Speaking of spinning...got my Birthday present from my mother the other day...a gift certificate to Susan's Spinning Bunny!! Very exciting stuff...now I just have to pick out what I want! Will make some decisions soon.

I did take a photo for you of the Cherry Tree Hill fiber that I picked up a couple of weeks ago at Chez Casuelle. It's truly luscious stuff, and almost enough to make me sit down at my wheel right now...except that I really want to get this shawl finished!!

And, as if this fiber, and my Spinning Bunny GC soon to be fiber wasn't enough...We've been working on planning a trip to a former Spinning Shop/Studio as well! Was originally planned for this Monday, but alas, work is totally kicking me around, what with our budget being due like two weeks from tomorrow... So, we've postponed the field trip to a time that will work better for the group as a whole, and be much more enjoyable for all of us, myself included!

Enough typing for now...want to go work on that lace edging for the shawl...talk to you later!

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