Saturday, July 08, 2006

Knitters, Knitters, EVERYWHERE!!!

Question?: What do you get when you combine two individually formed knitting groups, plus throw in a couple of extra knitters who just happen by?
Answer: 17 Knitters crammed in the front half of Barnes and Noble, all talking at once, in a gigantic impromptu Show & Tell!

What a DAY! I sure am glad I didn't miss it! (Almost did, but, managed to work out the conflict!)

To Liz, Marci, and all of the ladies from the Gotha knitting group, it was great to meet you all! If you look to the left, you'll find the links that I mentioned.

A few highlights...

The Florida Fiber In has recently set up a new web site! It contains information, dates, demos, and vendor information for the Fiber In that will take place in Orlando on 9/15-9/17/06.

Chip 'n for Dale - Jackie mentioned this morning that we are trying to help out one of our members. Check out the blog for Dale, help out if you can, and enjoy the eye candy on the site (maybe win some of it too!)

The Knit or Knot Website - While this is a site for a specific guild, we also strive to provide information on knitting groups in the area. If you're looking for other opportunities to meet with knitters, there's a list on here! We'll add the Gotha group info as soon as I receive it.

Orlando Area Knitters Yahoo
group - This is the group you visited with this morning. If you'd like to be on our Mailing list, feel free to join - just let us know who you are when you sign up.

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