Monday, July 31, 2006

The Wait is Over!!

Have you been waiting to see the Grape Arbor Shawl?? It's up! Donations will be accepted until tomorrow evening if you haven't had a chance to donate but would like a shot at this shawl or any of the other items up as prizes!! I've got to say honestly though, I'm almost more jealous of the person who wins that AWESOME cartoon from Gregg!!

Baby afghan is going well...three squares complete, 4rth nearly so... Have also started Mason Dixon Burp Clothes... 1 down, 1 in progress. Gosh I've got SOOO much I want to knit in the next 7 weeks!! Haven't started any of the M/D Bibs yet, but those will follow soon!

Sorry no pics tonight...trying to check in on a bunch of different fronts...catching up from the computer (Internet) being down last night :(

1 comment:

Wendy said...

The Grape Arbor Shawl looks wonderful! :-)